The modular Coltair decentralised system is a flexible high performance system, ideal for supplying local, fresh filtered air, cooling, heating and heat recovery.


Suitable for the plastics, metal and food industries

The Coltair modular decentralised system is a flexible, high performance system ideal for providing local fresh filtered air, cooling (in conjunction with a CoolStream V), heating and heat recovery (through hot air recirculation), as well as general comfort improvements in industrial, semi-industrial and commercial applications. The Coltair industrial air conditioner is available in three sizes and can be configured in a variety of ways.

Features of the Coltair

  • Flexible ventilation system with large capacity
  • Decentralized system for local cooling and heating
  • Various configurations and dimensions available
  • For air exchange as well as for air extraction with heat recovery
  • Modular concept: adaptable to the dimensions of a building at any time
  • Designed for industrial applications and warehouses
  • Robust, reliable and durable - made of aluminium
Coltair - NBS Specification

How does the industrial air conditioning system work

As the air flows through the system, it can be heated, filtered, cooled (with a CoolStream V) and/or silenced. The system can also be used for heat recovery through recirculation, where warm air near the ceiling is mixed with fresh outside air and returned to the floor or to the work areas.

The Coltair system can also be used to remove polluted air or smoke from specified areas or processes.

The Coltair has a unique design, is robust, reliable and durable. The use of aluminium makes the Coltair lightweight and meets high hygiene standards.

Typical applications of the Coltair industrial air conditioner

Typical applications for ColtAir are industries of all kinds, including DIY stores, warehouses, event halls, etc. Suitable for both new buildings and for refurbishment or upgrading of existing buildings.

Decentralised ventilation system

The Coltair System decentralised ventilation system enables ventilation, heating and heat recovery. The modular construction components allow for adaptation to any structural condition.

Advantages Coltair - industrial air conditioning system

  • decentralised ventilation
  • decentralised heating
  • Heat recovery
  • balanced indoor climate for industrial buildings

Air-conditioning solutions are created through system diversity.

Colt's modular system and the multi-functionality of Colt equipment allows, depending on requirements, an absolutely situation-dependent combination of systems to regulate the climate. This variability and flexibility of Colt products enables absolutely individual solutions. The individual solutions in turn guarantee high cost savings.

Coltair standard components

  • Axial and centrifugal fans (Y/Δ, EC technology)
  • Filter up to F9
  • Heater
  • Air circulation/mixed air chambers
  • Silencer
  • various channel and moulded parts
  • Air outlets for long throw and displacement air
  • Roof and wall hoods for outdoor and
  • Exhaust air