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Coltair industrial air handling system

The Coltair industrial air handling system brings fresh outdoor air through the roof or the facade of the building. Internal air can be mixed with this outdoor air or it can be completely re-circulated, or fresh air introduced to the working area below.

Where heating is required, the supply air is reheated by an additional heating coil. Where cooling is required, this is normally achieved by combining it with a Colt Coolstream evaporative cooling system.


Type Duct (mm)    Active components (mm)   Volume flow (m³/s)
Size 05    520 x 520 800 x 800 1.4 +
Size 07 750 x 750 1020 x 1020 2.8 +
Size 09 900 x 900 1315 x 1315 4.2 +

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