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Colt CoolShaft: providing smoke ventilation and corridor cooling

Colt CoolShaft is a combined smoke and climate control ventilation shaft system which cleverly uses evaporative cooling technology to provide active pre-cooling of the incoming air, without compromising the ability of the shaft system to ventilate the common area in a fire – and this with exceptionally low energy consumption


The system is selected specifically to suit the characteristics of the building– e.g. its heat loads and the number of storeys. Please contact Colt for system sizing.

Fan type

400V highly energy efficient EC motor.


Fully integrated control system with temperature sensors on each floor.


Integrated with smoke ventilation plant for reduced roof footprint. Roof plant connects to smoke ventilation shafts to supply and exhaust air.


G4 filters for improved air quality.

Noise attenuators to meet any requirements to limit noise either within the building or externally.


Tested and certified compliance with the VDI 6022 hygiene standard.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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