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Extended Corridor System

The Colt Extended Corridor System (corridor ventilation system) is a smoke and heat exhaust shaft ventilation system designed for means-of-escape corridors in residential buildings. This system offers developers substantial space and cost saving benefits, while providing a safe evacuation route. It is designed to complement the ColtShaft mechanical shaft system.

Rapid response and enhanced performance

This CFD diagram shows visibility in the corridor. Red denotes the greatest visibility distance; blue shows the least visibility distance. Just 30 seconds after the apartment door closes, the Extended Corridor System is well on its way to clearing the corridor.

Despite the fact that the corridor is more than twice the length of the compliant corridor, the corridor is almost completely cleared of smoke within 60 seconds of the apartment door closing.

The system comprises a supply and extract system with shafts at each end of the corridor. Vertical builders’ ducts are required at each end of the corridor that will supply fresh air and provide smoke extraction to fans mounted at roof level, providing a smoke dilution system to the fire floor. The ductwork is nominally only 0.6 m² in cross sectional area – much smaller compared to alternative solutions.

The Colt Extended Corridor Systems superior performance as proven by CFD and full scale physical testing, witnessed and approved by independent consultants including the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Features and benefits

  • The Extended Corridor System aids fire fighters and residents by allowing the corridor to be cleared of smoke rapidly, even during the later stages of a fire, when a conventional system might well be overwhelmed.
  • It allows safe escape conditions to be maintained in the corridor, even when the travel distance is extended by a factor of 2 or 3 in one direction. This can remove the need for an additional staircase, freeing up typically as much as 38m² of additional saleable or let-able space per floor.
  • The Extended Corridor System out-performs the conventional solution for both evacuation and fire-fighting.
  • It is generally unaffected by external wind pressures, so is inherently more reliable than a natural system.
  • It achieves exceptional smoke extraction performance by utilising a corridor extraction system (corridor ventilation system) at one end of the corridor and a dedicated air inlet system at the other.

 There are four types of Extended Corridor System:

  • Pull system – mechanical extract / natural inlet – outlet
  • Push system - mechanical extract / natural inlet
  • Push-pull – balanced system.
  • Push-pull reversible - balanced system but with added flexibility.

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