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Warm Air Heater: GSE-XR & GSE-TR

The Colt GSE range of heaters are indirectly gas fired stand-alone units, giving on-the-spot heating, a high air flow rate and a high efficiency.

Features and benefits

The Colt GSE range of gas fired warm air heaters have heat outputs ranging from 10kW up to 150kW. The warm air heaters are suitable for use in many environments, for example industrial buildings, department stores, showrooms, garages, and sports centres.


The GSE-XR indirect-fired fully automatic gas fired warm-air heater is compact and lightweight ensuring flexibility in a wide range of applications. The XR range features a fully modulating premix burner & fan. The standard heater consists of a powder coated, corrosion-resistant sheet steel casing containing a stainless steel gas burner and a corrosion resistant heat exchanger. The XR unit can also be installed at any angle between horizontal and vertical, therefore easily directing the airflow in the direction required, ensuring ease of installation.


The GSE-TR indirect-fired fully automatic gas fired warm-air heater is a robust, reliable and cost effective air heating unit. Like the XR unit, the TR has a modulating burner and modulating fan, enhancing efficiency and enabling air circulation as well as heating to minimise fuel bills. The TR range of heaters is ideally suited to larger industrial applications comprising a range of 12 units with capacities from 10kW to 150kW.

Both the XR & TR series use an advanced (delta T) control system which increases the efficiency and comfort provided by the unit. Two temperature sensors, one in the heater and one in a room thermostat constantly measure the temperature differences between the two. Should the temperature gradient increase beyond the set value, the unit will switch on the fan and circulate the warm air. The gradient control in combination with the modulating burner and fan can achieve energy savings of up to 15% in comparison with conventional unit air heaters.

Additionally the XR & TR series have a summer ventilation setting. Similar to the gradient control setting described above, in summer ventilation mode, activation of the modulating fans only within the units can help to circulate air within the building. This setting is also automatically activated at a temperature set point.

Colt can also offer other types of gas fired heaters where the application demands it.

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