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Doorman fire damper door operator

Doorman is an electromechanical door release operator, designed to provide a safe and reliable actuation system for use in smoke ventilation of commercial and residential properties. It has been designed to be applied where doors are used as part of a smoke control scheme to allow passage of smoke and fume in corridors into smoke shafts. It is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Doorman Specifications

Each unit individually addressable and controllable, and able to communicate back to a central panel. Each operator includes actuator, communication module, local reset switch and adjustable fixing brackets which allow release of the mechanism from the corridor if necessary. (Front fix option only).

Designed to be installed onto the back of a certified fire door of a minimum 790mm width. It is suitable for fire doors requiring up to 30 Nm opening and closing torque, as Certifire Technical Schedule TS 21: Smoke Door Seals.

Actuator tested and has successfully completed 10,000 operations at full design load. Incorporating a 230 V ac or 24 V dc electric chain drive motor. Suitable for use where a maintained mains electrical supply is installed in the building.

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