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Wastemaster Air Recirculation Fan

A Wastemaster air recirculation fan can cut heating costs drastically. It creates a cushioning effect against the naturally rising warm air, preventing it from accumulating in the roof space.

Features and benefits

Heat loss is directly related to the difference between inside and outside temperatures, and thus is much reduced. In fact a Wastemaster works like roof insulation, which means that heaters use much less fuel to maintain comfortable conditions. Also, as the heat is distributed evenly, draughts and hot and cold spots are alleviated.

Technical Data

Weight - 5.4 kg.
Case - two glass fibre black plastic mouldings.
Canopies - black polypropylene.
Blade carrier - mild steel finished in black epoxy.
Motor - ferrocore laminations encapsulated by an epoxy moulding process. Windings are class E insulation copper wire.
Bearings - grease packed during manufacture.
Fan Blades -Manufactured from aluminium
Maximum air displacement 5.45m 2 /sec (11,550 ft 2 /min) at a maximum speed of 3.83 rev/sec (230 rev/min).
Nominal rating:75 Watts at top speed.
Nominal current:0.32 Amps (220-240 Volts).


A six stage speed control unit with surface mounting is supplied as standard. It is recommended that the fans be controlled so as to start and finish at the same time as the heating system.


Fans should be positioned symmetrically above the lighting system as high as practicable in the roof space, with a minimum of 750mm clearance between the blades and any part of the roof or wall, and at least 3m above any walkway. Mounting near ventilators or where air is allowed to exhaust through roof vents should be avoided.

Space below the fans should be as unrestricted as possible. Each fan s supplied with simple, fully illustrated assembly and installation instructions.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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