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AXS 140 combined AOV smoke ventilator and roof access hatch

AXS 140 is a combined AOV smoke ventilator and roof access hatch designed providing either 1.0m2 or 1.5m2 measured free area in accordance with Approved Document B, Appendix C. It is suitable for use as a staircase ventilator or roof mounted lobby/corridor ventilator and to provide external roof access. It has been tested to and is in compliance with BS EN 12101-2 and is CE marked. It is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Dimensions / size range

  • (S) 1250 x 1000 (throat dimensions)
  • (L) 1250 x 1500 (throat dimensions)

Flap options

  • Thermally broken aluminium frame and insulated aluminium panel
  • Thermally broken aluminium frame and polycarbonate panel

Fits tightly to frame with continuous EPDM seals for excellent airtightness. Opens to 140⁰ from the horizontal.

Colours/ finishes options

  • Mill finish
  • Polyester powder painted to a RAL colour, standard 40 mu.

Fixing options

Fixing flange for curb. Installation angle must be at 0° (horizontal).

Controls options

24 V DC linear actuator (drive in / drive out)

  S Version L Version
Measured free area (m2) 1.0 1.5
Throat width (mm) 1000 1250
Throat length (mm) 1250 1500
Overall width (mm) 1350 1600
Overall length (mm) 1600 1850
Clearance for flap from base edge (mm) 795 990
Weight (Kg) 80 85

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