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Firelight Duo natural flap ventilator

Firelight Duo provides high performance extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings, and has been designed with the ever more stringent demands of the Energy Performance in Buildings directive in mind. It has been tested to and is in compliance with EN 12101-2.

Features and benefits

A wide range of applications - Firelight Duo is classed as a dual purpose ventilator, providing both day to day and smoke control ventilation. Polycarbonate and glass versions allow the entry of natural daylight, and a wide range of infill panels are available, including a reduced noise panel. Pneumatic or electric linear drives are available.

Proven performance - Firelight Duo has been exhaustively tested and certified to EN 12101-2: 2003 in accredited third party test laboratories and is CE marked.

High performance - Firelight Duo has high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance, and has a high resistance to the effects of fire.

Acoustic performance – Firelight Duo offers a reduced noise panel with a performance of 49 dB R’w.

Thermal performance - Firelight Duo is thermally broken and has five high grade continuous EPDM and TPE seals, two which seal the panels into the lids and three between the lids and the frame. As a result there is very low air leakage and a low U-value.

In addition to this the Firelight Duo has been tested in accordance with typical window and door standards:

EN 12207: Air permeability

EN 12208: Water tightness

EN 12211: Resistance to wind load

An impact test has been carried out on the Firelight Duo in accordance to GSBau18. We achieved 300 Joule with the polycarbonate version and 1200 Joule with the insulated aluminium version.

Easy to install - Firelight Duo is designed for installation into glazing, onto a curb or into sheeting. It has a wide range of base profiles to suit most glazing, sheeting or curb types.

Durable - Firelight Duo is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant aluminium with stainless steel fixings.

Quality of manufacture - Firelight Duo is manufactured under the ISO 9000 quality standard.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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