SiteGuard anti fall-through guard


The SiteGuard anti fall-through guard can be integrated into a Colt NSHEV and has been tested to GS-BAU-18, EN 1873 and EN 14963 with 300 - 1200 joules. It is extremely elastic and absorbs loads instead of transferring them to the building structure or the upstand onto which a NSHEV is normally installed.

The purpose of a SiteGuard anti fall-through guard is to prevent a person from falling through a natural ventilator. There is a risk of this happening when a natural ventilator is being maintained or repaired. Persons removing snow from roofs in winter can also fall through the NSHEV.

A SiteGuard is made from galvanised steel, which makes it weather-resistant. It can be polyester powder coated if required. The guard is manufactured using laser technology, thereby ensuring its high quality. If a person actually falls onto the guard, the structure twists around like a net and completely absorbs the energy of the fall.

The dimensions of the individual guards range from 1000 mm to 2500 mm in width and from 620 mm to 1350 mm in length. The safety guards are fastened either within or onto the upstand. Installation is easy: the guard is simply placed between the upstand and the natural ventilator and fixed together with the ventilator. Existing ventilators can be retrofitted without any issues.

Fitting a SiteGuard into a ventilator throat has no negative impact on the aerodynamic performance of the natural ventilator installed above it. This has been proven in accordance with EN 12101-2.