An upstand module which provides rain-proof ventilation and is used in combination with a natural smoke and heat extract ventilator.


The Weatherlite upstand module provides high volume rain-proof ventilation. It is made from aluminium with a compact corrosion-resistant lightweight design and it requires very little maintenance. Aerodynamically shaped side dampers are installed into the module, which provide high volume ventilation even when it is raining.

Most Colt natural smoke and heat extraction ventilators can be installed onto a Weatherlite. If used in combination with an ECO ventilator the Weatherlite is certified to EN 12101-2.

Cost-effective, flexible and proven

To meet the special requirements of rain-proof ventilation and night cooling, the Weatherlite offers an attractive price-performance ratio. It does not matter whether a Weatherlite is designed directly during the construction of a building or whether it is subsequently added as an upstand module under a Colt NSHEV.

Features and benefits

  • Weather-resistant ventilation – Side dampers provide efficient ventilation in bad weather
  • Night cooling of buildings
  • Attractive price to performance ratio
  • Installation into existing buildings is easy
  • Available up to a maximum width x length of 3000 mm x 3500 mm (in mm increments)
  • Available in an insulated version
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management standard)
  • Robust design
  • Adaptable for every kind of application
  • Low installation costs
  • A wide range of colours
Weatherlite Ventilated Upstand - NBS Specification

Available versions


  • Unit width: 400 mm to 3000 mm (in mm increments)
  • Unit length: 500 mm to 3500 mm (in mm increments)

Installation options

Available in many different sizes and base types which makes it easy to fix it onto upstand or into most types of roofs.

Lightweight components reduce installation costs.


Either a single-skin base or a double-skin base with insulation. The insulation is made of polystyrene rigid foam boards with a U value of 1.19 W/m²K and an I value of 0.035 W/mK.


The side dampers of a Weatherlite are opened or closed either electrically or pneumatically. It is also possible to have the side dampers fixed and open.

The following drives are available:

  • 24 V DC spring return actuators
  • 230 V AC spring return actuators
  • Single acting cylinder to open using pressure and to close using spring force
  • Without controls, no side dampers
  • Without controls, side dampers fixed open

Thermal release (for pneumatic cylinders)

In case of fire, the side dampers of a Weatherlite are automatically closed at a defined temperature of, for example, 68°C or 93°C. This optimises the aerodynamic performance of any natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator mounted above a Weatherlite and ensures high-volume ventilation.

Performance classes

  • Sound insulation (with side dampers open): Up to 14.0 dB
  • Cvw values of side dampers: 0.45