Natural louvred ventilator which is designed for automatic smoke extraction, day-to-day ventilation and for daylight entry.


Certified to EN 12101-2, the Airlite is a natural smoke and heat extraction ventilator which is primarily used in industrial, commercial and municipal buildings. The Airlite is particularly suitable for installation wherever aesthetics and energy efficiency are of prime importance due to its outstanding performance classes and extremely low-profile design (when closed, the unit is only 15 cm high).

The Airlite has many different applications due to its wide range of product variants. Its louvres can either be non-transparent or allow the entry of natural daylight.

It is manufactured completely from high quality components. Its principal component is mainly corrosion-resistant aluminium.

The Airlite is extremely airtight and energy efficient. This is achieved by the consistent use of high-quality insulating materials and double seals.

Its robust construction is high in quality and low in maintenance and therefore achieves excellent classes according to EN 12101-2.

Features and benefits

  • Its low profile and glass louvres make it aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent performance classes according to EN 12101-2
  • Patented baffle system (not visible when closed)
  • Exceptionally good U values and airtightness
  • Opens and closes within 9 seconds (with the 230 V AC electric actuator)
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management standard)
  • High volume smoke extract
  • Can either illuminate or blackout the interior of the building
  • Available up to a maximum width x length of 2000 x 3600 mm
  • Insulated as standard
  • Robust design
  • Low installation costs
  • A wide range of colours
Airlite - NBS Specification

Available versions


  • Unit width: 500 mm to 2000 mm (in mm increments)
  • Unit length: 1200 mm to 3600 mm (in 300 mm increments)


Available in many different sizes and base types which makes it easy to fix it onto curb or into most types of roofs, glazing systems and façade systems.

Lightweight components reduce installation costs.


As standard it has an insulated double-skin base. Optionally the flange which connects to the supporting construction can also be insulated.


The louvres of the Airlite smoke ventilator can either be fitted with insulated aluminium panels, insulated glass panels or various kinds of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. The louvres are particularly well insulated by various seals and thus prevent unnecessary energy loss.

The louvres have been subjected to a wide range of tests, e.g. for impact resistance, resistance to hail, acoustic characteristics, and many others.

The following louvre variants are available:

  • 16 mm thick polycarbonate multi-skin sheet
    Colour: grey non-transparent, transparent or non-transparent
  • 16 mm thick hail-resistant polycarbonate multi-skin sheet
    Colour: non-transparent
  • Double-skin insulated aluminium louvre
  • 24 mm thick insulating glass


The Airlite louvred ventilator is opened or closed either electrically or pneumatically by one or two drive units in each case.

The following louvre drives are available:

  • 24 V DC electric actuators
  • 230 V AC electric actuators
    These require much smaller cables compared to 24 V DC actuators. This greatly reduces cabling costs. The Airlite opens and closes within 9 seconds.
  • Double action pneumatic cylinder

The drives are designed to exactly match the particular requirements of the project, which results in lower operating and cabling costs.

Thermal release (for pneumatic cylinders)

A thermal ventilation valve with a connected gas bottle and a thermo bulb ensures automatic release in the case of fire.

Different release temperatures (for example 68°C or 93°C) are possible.

Fail-safe controls (for pneumatic cylinders)

When the ventilator is opened, a pressure reservoir is filled in addition. This automatically opens the ventilator if the pressure drops.

Performance classes

In accordance with EN 12101-2

  • Wind load class: 2250 N/m² up to 12500 N/m²
  • Snow load class: Variable, up to 4495 N/m²
  • Operating temperature: T(-15) / T(-25)
  • Resistance to heat: B300 – E
  • Reliability:
    • Smoke ventilation: 1000 cycles
    • Day-to-day ventilation: +10000 cycles

Additional performance classes

  • U value: Up to 1.00 W/m²K
  • Sound insulation:
    • With glass louvres: 30.0 dB
    • With aluminium louvres: 28.0 dB
    • With polycarbonate louvres: 20.0 dB
  • Air permeability at 50 Pa: 11.65 m³/hm²
  • Fall-through protection: Fall-through proof over many years up to 1200 J to GS-BAU-18
  • Resistance to hail and ball impacts has been tested