Natural louvred ventilator designed for automatic smoke extraction, day-to-day ventilation and for daylight entry.


Certified according to EN 12101-2, ECO is a natural smoke and heat extract ventilator. The Seefire has been tested for permanent fall-through protection and has been classified according to EN 1873.

The Seefire can be adapted to all kinds of projects as the result of its wide range of product variants. The ventilator can allow the entry of natural daylight.

The Seefire has an ingenious drainage system and has proven its worth a thousand times over as a robust and durable natural smoke and heat ventilator.

The louvres of the Seefire are centrally pivoted, which, due to their own weight, open smoothly even when there is no voltage or pressure. Its features and benefits are evident: its control and operation are cost-effective and efficient.

Clever and robust construction

The Seefire louvres do not protrude above the body of the unit, which means that the ventilator can be operated even in windy conditions.

The ventilator is permanently fall-through proof whether it is open or closed. The relevant tests were carried out on a ventilator without any louvre infills, thus the fall-through protection is independent of ageing or wear of the respective infills.

Seefire is an automatic opening vent (AOV). To learn more about AOV systems, check out our AOV Systems page.

Features and benefits

  • Clever louvre design
  • One of the most proven smoke ventilators in the market
  • An excellent price / performance ratio
  • Classification to EN 1873 ("Rooflights of plastics")
  • Suitable for any kind of installation
  • Many different variants
  • Very good performance classes according to EN 12101-2
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality management standard)
  • High volume smoke extract
  • Can either illuminate or blackout the interior of the building
  • Available up to a maximum width x length of 2326 x 3498 mm
  • Low installation costs
  • A wide range of colours
Seefire Natural Louvred Ventilator - NBS Specification


Tested to and in compliance with EN 12101-2 and CE marked.


EN Seefire Datasheet

Available versions


  • Unit width: from 576 mm to 2326 mm
  • Unit length: from 705 mm to 3498 mm


Available in many different flange sizes and types which makes it easy to fix it onto curb and into most types of roofs, glazing systems and façade systems.

Lightweight components reduce installation costs.


The base is aerodynamically optimised and available in different heights and designs (conical or straight). An insulated version is also available.


The louvres of the Seefire smoke ventilator can either be fitted with insulated aluminium panels, glass panels or various kinds of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. The louvres may be either single-skin, double-skin or insulated double-skin.

The louvres have been subjected to a wide range of tests.

The following louvre variants are available:

  • 9 mm thick polycarbonate multi-skin sheet
    Colour: transparent or non-transparent
  • 16 mm thick polycarbonate multi-skin sheet
    Colour: transparent or non-transparent
  • Single-skin, double-skin or insulated double-skin aluminium louvres
  • Glass louvres
    Either 7 mm thick wired glass, 6 mm thick laminated safety glass or 6 mm toughened safety glass


The ECO louvred ventilator is either opened or closed manually, electrically, pneumatically or by a combination of electric motor and pneumatic cylinder, by one or two drive units.

The following drives are available:

  • Manual controls (cable or drive coupling)
  • 24 V DC spring return actuators
  • 230 V AC spring return actuators
  • 24 V DC electric actuators
  • 230 V AC electric actuators
  • Single action pneumatic cylinder
  • Double action pneumatic cylinder
  • Pneumatic cylinder with four opening positions
  • Combination: pneumatic cylinder and electric actuator

Thermal release

For the Seefire louvred ventilator, a large number of different thermal releases with different release temperatures (for example 68°C or 182°C) are available.

Performance classes

In accordance with EN 12101-2

  • Wind load class: 1500 N/m² up to 3000 N/m²
  • Snow load class: Variable, up to 4636 N/m²
  • Operating temperature: T(00) / T(-05) / T(-15) / T(-25)
  • Resistance to heat: B300 – E or Bs2,d0
  • Reliability:
    • Smoke ventilation: 1000 cycles
    • Day-to-day ventilation: +10000 cycles

In accordance with EN 1873

  • Water tightness: Passed
  • Resistance to upward loads: UL 3000 / UL 4000
  • Resistance to downward loads: DL 2025
  • Impact resistance against a small hard body: Passed
  • Impact resistance against a large soft body: SB 600 / SB 1200
  • Fire performance: Class E

Additional performance classes

  • U value:
    • Up to 1.52 W/m²K for insulated ventilators*
    • Up to 2.39 W/m²K for uninsulated ventilators*
  • Sound insulation: Up to 15.0 dB
  • Fall-through protection: Fall-through proof over the long term up to 1200 J to GS-BAU-18

*Subject to size, configuration and installation type