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FM-1 automatic fire curtain

A fire curtain is used where, if there is a fire, it is necessary to create a temporary barrier within an opening that seals off the area on fire. The curtain descends and prevents any fire and smoke from spreading from one area to another. It also allows people access to protected escape routes without any loss of fire resistance.

A FM-1 fire curtain comprises a flexible fire-resistant fabric that is wound around a circular tube. Upon receiving a signal from the fire alarm system or on loss of power the curtain automatically unwinds to its operational position.

FM-1 fire curtains have been tested as fire barriers in accordance with EN 1634-1, providing protection for a defined period and at a defined maximum temperature.

Features and benefits

High and certified performance - FM-1 fire curtains have been tested as fire barriers for either 60, 120 or 180 minutes resistance, in accordance with EN 1634-1. They have E60-C, E120-C and E180-C ratings in accordance with EN 13501-2, thereby achieving an integrity rating for either 60, 120 or 180 minutes. 

A FM-1 fire curtain has achieved a successful a continuous life cycle test (10,000 cycles) in accordance with DIN 4102-18.

The E120-C and E180-C versions also have class EW 30 in accordance with EN 13501-2, which demonstrates that the fabric re-radiates only a limited amount of heat.

No power needed to operate it – A FM-1 fire curtain unwinds to its operational position under the influence of gravity in a “gravity fail-safe” manner without the need for power.

Compact and low in weight – A FM-1 fire curtain is lightweight and compact, which enables it to be installed easily in a place with space constraints such as a false ceiling. Such a roller fire curtain is much more unobtrusive than a roller shutter with a comparable performance.

Virtually invisible when rolled up - There are no visible fixings either on the underside of the headbox or on the bottom bars. The headbox, the bottom bar and the side guides can be powder-coated to a RAL colour to blend in with the building. 

The guide rails can be easily and unobtrusively recessed into the structure of the building.

The headboxes are among the most compact on the market.

A wide range of options – A FM-1 fire curtain can easily be adapted to the physical constraints of the building. All system components – headboxes, fabric, bottom bars, drive systems – can be customised to your needs.

Easy to install and maintain - A FM-1 fire curtain is delivered in modular form and as such is easy to install. The bottom of the headbox is closed off with a panel which also allows the entire length of the system to be accessed for servicing.

Can accommodate thermal movement – All major components are fitted with expansion joints, which enables the curtain to function at high temperatures.

Sophisticated controls - Colt fire curtains can be specified with our SKC-SC control system where higher level control is required.

Robust manufactureFM-1 fire curtains are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standard by Colt.

Side guide system - A side guide system provides a seal between the sides of the curtain fabric and the walls, ensuring that any positive or negative pressures created by a fire will be resisted by the curtain and so that it won’t deflect significantly. 

Design service - We provide a bespoke design service for fire curtains that includes a pre-design service and stress-free project management throughout your project, ensuring the system is up and running perfectly.

Service and maintenance - Once your system is installed we offer you peace of mind in the form of total service and parts support through our service division.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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