FireCurtain FMB

A Colt FireCurtain FMB is an automatic fire curtain which reduces the breakthrough of flames from one area to another. In case of fire, the FMB forms a temporary barrier that increases the likelihood that people can escape from the building if it is on fire.

A Colt Automatic Fire Curtain FMB unrolls in a gravity fail safe manner without needing power (gravity fail safe). The fire curtain consists essentially of a roller in a galvanized steel housing, the roller comprises a flexible heat resistant fabric which is impervious to smoke and hot gases, wound around a tube. A heavy bottom bar fitted to the bottom edge of the fabric ensures that the curtain deploys as designed.

This fire curtain can also be partially deployed in the event of a fire to control the movement of gases from a fire within buildings before they are fully used for fire protection. It has been designed and tested according to BS 8524-1:2013, and achieves E180 and EW20 classifications.

Following an exhaustive phase of rigorous testing, the FMB Fire Curtain has been independently certified by IFC Certification (IFCC SDP11-02) to British Standard BS 8524, Parts 1 & 2. Certification to this standard insures that a Fire Curtain product is appropriate for market use and will function correctly under fire conditions. BS 8524 is the British Standard for Active Fire Curtain Assemblies. Part 1 is the specification for the product which specifies a thorough and exhaustive regime of testing for the product itself, whereas Part 2 is a Code of Practice covering application, installation and maintenance. BS 8524 Parts 1 and 2 cover all aspects of these products; from design, durability and reliability, to installation and maintenance.

In order to meet Part 1 the testing regime covers the following performance characteristics, reliability and durability testing, response time and velocity, fire resistance (integrity and radiation) testing, pressure and impact testing, deflection zone (distance) measuring and hot motor operation tests as well as a factory production control inspections. The Colt FMB Fire Curtain successfully passed all rounds of testing.

To demonstrate compliance with Part 2, IFCC conducted an audit of our project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance processes to ensure that our teams are competent to deliver safe, robust and compliant installation.

Features and benefits

  • Fabricated galvanised steel headbox with integral brackets and removable cover plate underneath.
  • Headboxes are made with a closed construction to accommodate the rollers.
  • Side guides either of a tube guide or roller guide design.
  • Guide rails stabilize the surface of the fabric and increase the air-tightness of the system.
  • Cloth securely attached to the roller tube.
  • Bottom bar comprising either a suspended aluminium profile or a seal at the bottom in the form of a cloth loop.
  • Built-in 48V DC tubular motor with electronic speed monitoring.
  • Roll up speed approximately 0.06 m/s.
  • Unroll speed approximately 0.15 m/s.
  • Product is compact and low in weight
  • Product is tested according BS 8524-1
  • Product is easy to install and maintain
  • Product has a long lifespan
  • Manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standard
  • Control panel tested to BS standard to receive and test external fire signals.
  • Options for connecting manual controls according to BS standard.
FMB Fire Curtain - NBS Specification


  • Tested to British Standard BS 8524-1
  • Furnace test to EN 1634-1
  • Fire resistance classified to EN 13501-2
    • Integrity: E 180 C
    • Radiation: EW 20
  • Reliability test to EN14600 with 500 cycles (C1)
  • Motor operation test to BS 8524-1
  • Reaction to fire to EN 13501-1 achieved A2-s1,d0
  • Certified to product standard EN 16034 & EN 13241
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Third party certification (IFC) according to FSA 18909 certificate
  • Installations carried out by Colt UK are in accordance with IFCC Certification Scheme SDI 05