SmokeMaster SM-ST

Fixed smoke curtain for limiting or channelling combustion gases in the event of a fire. The curtain forms permanent barriers and thus prevents the spread and cooling of smoke gases.


The function of smoke barriers is to control the movement of fire gases within a building by forming a barrier. SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains must be permanently fixed in their fire alarm position, taking into account the design classification.

SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains consist of several adjacent smoke curtains which are fixed together in an overlapping fashion using an angle bracket and a clamping profile. The glass fibre fabric which is mechanically fixed to these profiles and thereby clamped. At the bottom of the cloth there is a weight to keep the cloth taut.

SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains are often used in high industrial buildings, i.e. wherever a permanently installed barrier is not a nuisance and where (for example) there is no interference with production processes.

SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains can be fixed within the roof area to different kinds of buildings due to its low weight. SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains consist of pre-fabricated single components with set hole positions, what reduces the time needed to install them.

The weighted bottom bar attached to the bottom of the fabric is an important contributor to the operational safety of the system and for stabilizing the curtain in its permanently fixed position. It can be either with an circulair tube (D class) or a flat steel bar (DH class) installed, which version depends on the chosen class.

Features and benefits

  • SmokeMaster SM-ST curtains have been tested and certified according to EN 12101-1:2005+A1:2006 and is CE marked
  • Low weight and therefore easy to attach to the building structure
  • Pre-fabricated assembly delivered with a modular design
  • Time/ temperature class
    • According to table 1: D30 - D120 (600°C curve) or
    • According to table 2: DH30 - DH120 (standard time/temp curve)
  • Unit length: 1.0 m to an infinite length
  • Unit height: 0.5 m to 15 m
  • A long lifespan
Smokemaster SM-ST - NBS Specification


EC Certificate of Conformity 0672 – CPD – 0146 time / temperature classification D 120

EC Certificate of Conformity 0672 – CPD – 0206 time / temperature classification DH 60

EC Certificate of Conformity 0672 – CPD – 0207 time / temperature classification DH 120

Available versions

The compact and lightweight SmokeMaster SM-ST can be installed into many different kinds of roofs and shapes. Due to its low weight it places an insignificant load onto the building.

The ducting of building services cables through the smoke curtain is possible without any problems. Residual openings are closed off to maintain temperature resistance, for example by means of galvanised steel sleeves for round ducting or galvanised steel angle profiles for straight ducting.


In accordance with EN 12101-1:

  • Temperature / time classification: D120 / DH60 / DH120