SmokeMaster SM5

An automatically controlled smoke curtain, for limiting or channelling smoke, flames and combustion gases in the event of a fire. The curtain forms barriers and thus prevents the spread and cooling of smoke gases.


A SmokeMaster SM5 is a smoke curtain that drops automatically in case of fire. Its role is to limit smoke and combustion gases to prescribed smoke sections, thus preventing the uncontrolled spread and cooling of the smoke gases.

A SKC-SC certified control panel ensures safe operation.

The SmokeMaster SM5 is used in shopping centres, atria, airports, warehouses and factory buildings etc.; in other words, wherever static smoke curtains are not suitable for architectural, logistical or operational reasons.

The glass fibre fabric is mechanically fixed to the roller complies with the class "A2,s1-d0" building material according to EN 13501-1. The tubular gravity motor contains a PCB with its own intelligence and is installed within the roller.

For maintenance or control purposes, the control panel can move the curtain to any desired position.

A SmokeMaster SM5 is delivered in pre-fabricated modules and thus reduces installation time on site.

The weighted bottom bar attached to the bottom of the fabric is an important contributor to the operational safety of the system and for stabilizing the curtain when it is unrolled. It can be either an industrial profile or a spring-loaded bottom bar for an improved appearance. The spring-loaded bottom bar meets the high aesthetic requirements of commercial buildings.

There are two actuator types available for the SM5: a D version (drive up, drive down version - ASB2/4) with 230V AC, as well as the G version (gravity down version- ASB1/3) with 48V DC motor.

Variable corners for all casing variants allow changes of the direction with minimum leakage values.

Features and benefits

  • SmokeMaster SM5 curtains have been tested and certified according to EN 12101-1:2005+A1:2006
  • The associated SKC-SC control panel has been certified according to EN 12101-10:2005
  • "Invisible” fire protection: no visible fixings and sprung bottom bar
  • Extra option to equip the curtain with side guides to hold the fabric in position, either by roller side guides (FR) or rod side guides (FS)
  • Pre-fabricated assembly delivered with a modular design
  • Time/ temperature class
    • According to table 1: D30 - D120 (600°C curve) or
    • According to table 2: DH30 - DH120 (standard time/temp curve)
  • Operation: ASB 1 to ASB 4
  • Unit length: 1.5 m to an infinite length
  • Drop: 0.5 m to 15 m
  • All metallic parts can be provided with a powder coating according to RAL or similar
  • A long lifespan
Smokemaster SM5 - NBS Specification


  • Tested to European Standard EN 12101-1
  • Furnace test to EN 1363-1
  • Reliability and response time tests with 1,000 cycles
  • Permeability test not exceeding a leakage rate of 25 m³ per hour per m2
  • Fire resistance + integrity: up to D 120 and DH 120 class
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008
  • Certification according to EU Construction Products Regulation

Available versions

A SmokeMaster SM5 compact modular curtain offers a variety of installation options in the smallest of spaces with maximum areas of partitioning, thanks to the many different headbox variants with small dimensions. Variable corners for all types of headboxes permit changes in direction with minimum air leakage.


The safe operation of a SmokeMaster SM5 is assured: the unwinding mechanisms have different performance classes and are rated ASB 1 to ASB 4 for all operating modes.

There are two actuator types available for the SM5: a D version (drive up, drive down version - ASB2/4) with 230V AC, as well as the G version (gravity down version - ASB1/3) with 48V DC motor and functional weight.

The unwinding mechanism of the G version is installed within the roller and contains, in addition to the high-quality DC motor with its planetary gears, a control board with its own intelligence for carrying out the essential safety-related functions:

  • Control of speed
  • Locking unit
  • Monitoring of the “rest” position
  • Synchronisation of multiple units
  • “HWD” intermediate position when in gravity-fail-safe mode
  • Adjustment of the bottom bar
  • Tested for more than 10000 operational cycles