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Solarfin fixed or moveable extruded louvre shading system

Colt Solarfin is a fixed or moveable external solar shading system made from aluminium extrusions designed to reduce heat gains and glare in summer and reduce heat loss in winter.

Solarfin may be installed either vertically or horizontally in front of the façade or on the roof. It can be either fixed or moveable.

System types

  • Elliptical
  • Wing shape
  • Parallelogram

Modular/ breakdown

  • Modular
  • In breakdown


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical


  • Fixed
  • Moveable

Standard louvre types

  • CEL 150/34 – elliptical, width 150mm, height 34mm
  • CEL 200/34 – elliptical, width 200mm, height 34mm
  • CEL 250/40 – elliptical, width 250mm, height 40mm
  • CHL 250/40 – wing shape, width 250mm, height 41mm
  • CEL 300/50 – elliptical, width 300mm, height 50mm
  • CEL 350/55 – elliptical, width 350mm, height 55mm
  • CEL 400/60 – elliptical, width 400mm, height 60mm
  • CEL 450/65 – elliptical, width 450mm, height 65mm

All spans subject to wind load calculations. Deflection of the fin is limited to span / 100. Deflection of supporting structure is limited to span / 100

The above list shows the standard extrusions. Special size extrusions are available on request, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from 60 to 750 mm wide. Large bespoke profiles can be up to 1050 mm wide.

Colours/ finishes

  • Mill finish
  • Polyester powder paint to a RAL colour (list of colours available upon request)
  • Anodised

Controls options

  • Manual
  • ICS 4-Link
  • Soltronic


  • Onto concrete
  • Onto brickwork
  • Onto steelwork
  • Into curtain walling


  • Bracing struts
  • Side support arms


Louvre blades, side support arms, mounting brackets and support struts are made from aluminium.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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