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Shadovoltaic photovoltaic solar shading

Colt Shadovoltaic is an external fixed or moveable photovoltaic solar shading louvre system, designed to reduce heat gains and glare whilst maximising the use of natural daylight, and generating electricity by means of integrated photovoltaic (PV) cells.

PV cells are integrated into the glass of the shading louvres, either by attaching them to the reverse side of the glass panels or by laminating them between two sheets of glass.

Like Shadoglass, Shadovoltaic may be installed either vertically or horizontally in front of the façade or on the roof. It can be either fixed or controllable.

System types (for sizes, see bottom of this page)

  • Shadovoltaic LS-1 is centrally pivoted, intended for wide spans, and incorporates a central aluminium torsion tube incorporating the louvre brackets along the length of the louvre for additional support.
  • Shadovoltaic LS-2 is primarily intended for small spans or where frequent anchor points are available. It provides minimum obstruction to the glass area, thereby maximizing daylight and enhancing the view to the outside.
  • Shadovoltaic LS-3 is centrally pivoted, intended for very wide spans. An aluminium clamping system is fixed along to the short edges of the louvre blades.
  • Shadovoltaic LS-4 is a back hinged system with hidden control mechanisms integrated within the main vertical supports. This enables a seamless continuous appearance when viewed from the outside, since the supports are installed to the back of the louvres

Glass types - consider these aspects

  • Type
  • Colour
  • Thickness
  • Polish
  • Frit
  • Tint
  • Edge treatment
  • Interlayer

PV module characteristics - consider these aspects

  • Cell type
  • Cell colour
  • Cell dimensions
  • Quantity of cells
  • Array dimensions
  • Laminate

Structural considerations

All spans subject to wind load calculations:

  • Deflection of the louvre is limited to span / 100
  • Deflection of supporting structure is limited to span / 100

Modular/ breakdown

  • Modular
  • In breakdown


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical


  • Fixed
  • Moveable

Controls options (if moveable)

  • Manual
  • ICS 4-Link
  • Soltronic

Angle of rotation: 0–90°.


  • Onto concrete
  • Onto brickwork
  • Onto steelwork
  • Into curtain walling

Colours of metal work

Bracing struts / side support arms:

  • Mill finish
  • Polyester powder coated
  • Anodised

Key characteristics of each type

Shadovoltaic LS-1

All LS-1 types centre hinged

Type LS1-55:

  • Louvre width: 350–500 mm.
  • Louvre length: max. 2500 mm.
  • Vertical supports at 2500 mm maximum centres.

Type LS1-65A:

  • Louvre width: 350–550 mm.
  • Louvre length: max. 3300 mm.
  • Vertical supports at 3300 mm maximum centres.

Type LS1-65B:

  • Louvre width: 420–600 mm.
  • Louvre length: max. 3000 mm.
  • Vertical supports at 3300 mm maximum centres

Shadovoltaic LS-2

  • Louvre width (maximum): 550 mm
  • Louvre length: max. 2500 mm
  • Vertical supports at 2000 mm maximum centres
  • Centre hinged

Shadovoltaic LS-3

  • Blade length: For glass, maximum 4000 mm long without any additional supporting structure
  • Blade width: For glass, maximum 600 mm
  • Centre hinged

Shadovoltaic LS-4

  • Blade span: For glass, up to 1800 mm long without any additional supporting structure. Maximum overall glass length 3600mm (if supported)
  • Blade width: For glass, minimum 350mm, maximum 550mm
  • Blade thickness: For glass, minimum 12mm, maximum 24mm
  • Back-hinged

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation and servicing of this product.

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