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CoolStream R - the first ever evaporative cooling standard rooftop

Dec 2014

Colt expands its evaporative cooling offering with the new CoolStream R, which provides energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning for the entire year.

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Smoke control and day to day ventilation for multi-storey residential buildings

Nov 2014

View the latest version of our leaflet, where we cover the legislation and standards, describe design approaches (including designing in active cooling) and set out the product options.

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Colt appoints a new UK Managing Director

Nov 2014

Colt is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Buckingham as its UK Managing Director.

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Library of Birmingham shortlisted for RIBA Sterling prize 2014

Oct 2014

The Library of Birmingham was shortlisted in this year's RIBA Sterling award for the best new building: read about Colt's involvement in the project.

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Colt ventilation systems for car parks and service areas

Sep 2014

View the latest version of our leaflet, which brings legislation and standards up to date.

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Chichester Festival Theatre

Aug 2014

To meet stringent noise specification, Colt have installed bespoke Meteor acoustic smoke control ventilators to the auditorium of the Chichester Festival Theatre as part of a recent major rennovation.

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CoolShaft takes the heat off residential overheated common areas

Jul 2014

The push for energy efficiency has resulted in buildings that are well insulated and sealed, causing overheating. In most cases, using the existing smoke control equipment can provide a simple and inexpensive solution. 

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Colt receives the RoSPA President’s Award

May 2014

Colt Group has received the RoSPA President’s Award for Occupational Health and Safety 2014. This award can only be given to organisations who have won a RoSPA Gold Award for 10 or more years consecutively.

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Airlite: Colt's new airtight louvred ventilator

Apr 2014

The Airlite louvred ventilator is Colt’s answer to the demand for ever-increasing energy efficiency and cost effectiveness with its high insulation, low air permeability and excellent aerodynamic and acoustic properties.

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Energy efficiency with Colt Piatra software

Mar 2014

Using the unique Colt Piatra software, we can predict how much energy a building will consume and how much carbon it will produce when different types of ventilation, heating, cooling and shading equipment are installed.

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Colt Project Portfolio 2014

Feb 2014

Our new Colt Project Portfolio 2014 presents the most recent and exciting projects that we have been working on.

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Colt Firelight 3 FL3: The energy-saving smoke ventilator

Jan 2014

Firelight FL3 is a smoke ventilator that is as airtight, wind resistant and energy efficient as the best window – and Colt has the tests to prove it.

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