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Airlite: Colt's new airtight louvred ventilator

Apr 2014

The Airlite louvred ventilator is Colt’s answer to the demand for ever-increasing energy efficiency and cost effectiveness with its exceptionally high insulation, low air permeability and excellent aerodynamic and acoustic properties.

Dual purpose ventilators meant to provide both natural day-to-day and smoke ventilation must excel in four key aspects: high insulation, low air permeability and high aerodynamic and acoustic performance. Colt’s Airlite louvred ventilator excels in all four.

Energy efficient

Airlite has been designed with the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive in mind. It exceeds the increasingly stringent requirements of Part L of the UK’s Building Regulations. In addition it has been exhaustively tested and certified to EN 12101-2:2013 in accredited third party laboratories and is CE marked.

Versatility for tailor made solutions

The redesigned louvre blade is made of a polycarbonate multiwall sheet set into an aluminium frame and this can be specified in non-transparent grey material or, if it is to allow the entry of natural daylight, it can be either clear or opaque.


Airlite can be installed at an angle up to 900 in a wall and, in the vertical, it can be used for low level air inlet or for high level extract. It can also be installed into a glass roof.

Built-in durability

Airlite is made of light but tough, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy with stainless steel fixings.

Simplicity that pays

The simple design and easy installation add to the Airlite’s attraction as a highly cost-effective solution for industrial and commercial buildings.

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