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Colt Firelight 3 FL3: The energy-saving smoke ventilator

Jan 2014

Expectations of smoke ventilators in today’s construction industry are increasingly high: not only do they have to provide excellent smoke extraction performance, they also must be airtight, wind and rain resistant, and meet the highest standards of insulation and energy efficiency.

Colt has just the answer to meet these high expectations: the new Firelight FL3 flap ventilator, which has successfully undergone extensive testing. The Firelight FL3 provides exceptionally high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance. The ventilator is CE marked according to EN 14351-1 which guarantees its performance as a window.

It is 83 times more airtight than its predecessor model. It has achieved the highest, Class 5C, certification for wind resistance. Its U value can be as low as 1.0W/m2K if it is fitted with triple glass. Its acoustic performance is exceptional, with attenuation of up to Rw:42dB, if it is fitted with noise protection glass. Last but not least, it has achieved the highest possible Class 9A certification for weather resistance.

With Firelight FL3 smoke ventilators, new and existing buildings can count on the best smoke ventilation performance and enjoy the highest levels of energy efficiency.





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