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Common pitfalls in specifying smoke control systems

Jan 2016

the common pitfalls when specifying smoke control systems.

Colt features in a recent AJ Specification article focusing on the complexity of regulations covering both energy conservation and smoke control. Regarding the latter, Colt technical director Paul Compton gives his expert opinion on the common pitfalls when specifying smoke control systems.

Paul explains that specifying smoke control systems is not always an easy task: every design must be assessed on its own merits and the correct solution identified. To complicate matters further, there is a bewildering array of legislation that is not easy to navigate and which is in constant evolution. And the specifier can’t afford to get it wrong: these are life-saving systems and their failure to work properly could have dramatic consequences.

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This article featured in January's issue of AJ Specification, on pages 8 - 10. Reproduced with permission of AJ Specification.

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