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CoolStream R - the first ever evaporative cooling standard rooftop

Dec 2014

Colt expands its proven evaporative cooling offering with the new CoolStream R, which provides energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning for the entire year, combining product cooling, heating, heat reclaim, air filtration and ventilation in one unit. CoolStream R is the first-ever standard rooftop which includes evaporative cooling.

CoolStream R is designed to provide all seasons air conditioning for all kinds of larger industrial, semi-industrial and commercial spaces. It is a cost-effective solution for buildings that don’t require absolutely constant internal temperature at all times.

It meets the needs of a wide variety of applications that include plastics, metal and food industries, warehouses, transformer buildings, exhibition halls and shopping malls.

All seasons air conditioning

CoolStream R combines cooling, heating and ventilation. In the summer, energy-saving EC fans draw in warm outside air, which flows through the evaporative cooling unit, and which then is filtered and brought into the building. The room air heats up and is extracted by a scheme of natural or mechanical exhaust ventilation.

In spring and autumn, heat is recirculated; outdoor air is mixed with warmer room air and filtered before being brought into the building at a pleasant temperature. In winter, a small quantity of outdoor air is drawn in, mixed with indoor air, filtered and flows through the heater before entering the building.

All-seasons energy efficiency

CoolStream R is designed for maximum energy efficiency. In the summer, it only uses the small amount of electricity to run the EC fans. In spring and autumn, the total amount of air is reduced to the level needed within the building, resulting in significant energy savings.In winter, the proportion of outdoor air is reduced to a minimum so that as little heating energy as possible is used. In addition, warm air under the ceiling is drawn back through the recirculation system, further reducing energy consumption. 

The result is a highly energy and water efficient unit that consumes only about 5kW electricity and 140 litres/h of water for 18,000 m3/h (5.0 m3/s) fresh cooled air and a 70 kW cooling power.

tl_files/images/products_systems/Product images/CoolStream R/05_CSR.jpgTailored to the customer’s requirements

CoolStream R can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the project, with a wide variety of filter classes and types of heaters with different power levels to choose from.

Low installation costs

This “plug and play” unit is supplied ready for connection services and is easy to install on the building’s roof. As a rooftop system there is the added potential for considerable space saving within the building.

The CoolStream family: a solution for every requirement

Colt offers three families of products that feature its proven CoolStream technology to meet different project requirements:

Coolstream S provides evaporative cooling with natural or mechanical ventilation for instances where only cooling is required. CoolStream S uses low-energy (optionally EC) fans to move the air.

Coolstream N, on the other hand, uses natural air movement to provide air that has been cooled by process of evaporation through a façade, and is particularly suitable for use in heat-intensive industries.

Coolstream R has now further expanded the family, with its all-seasons solution incorporating heating, cooling and heat recirculation for a wide variety of applications.

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