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Upcoming Colt webinars on hot industry topics

Jan 2016

Colt’s webinars on hot industry topics enable you to find out more about a wide range of subjects without having to leave your desk.

A Colt webinar is intended to be akin to a virtual workshop, designed not to waste your time but to add value to you and your organisation. All webinars are CPD accredited by CIBSE and include a live Q&A session at the end.

2016 Webinar Calendar

15th January - The general principles of smoke control
In this webinar we will explore the history, legislation and applications of smoke control systems.

12th February - Protecting escape routes: smoke shafts v pressurisation
In this webinar we discuss how to decide which system is best, based on legislation and standards, building configuration, budget and space requirements.

11th March - The fundementals of evaporative cooling
In this webinar we will explain the technology and design aspects to consider when implementing evaporative cooling systems in industrial buildings. 

15th April - Ventilation solutions for overheated common corridors in apartment buildings
In this webinar we cover the design considerations relating to ventilation measures in residential corridors and the options and limitations of using smoke control systems as a dual purpose system to provide environmental ventilation.

12th May - Design consideration when specifying weather louvres
This webinar has been developed to help Architects and Service Engineers ensure that specifications adequately reflect design requirements and performance expectations.

10th June - Car park ventilation
This webinar explains the basic legislative requirements needed for a car park and how these are achieved with impulse ventilation, with reference to CFD analysis and case studies. 

7th July - Smoke and environmental ventilation of multi-storey buildings using shafts
This webinar looks at the various types and applications of shafts.

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