London City Island

Colt provides effective smoke extract and corridor ventilation for this striking residential development

Complete with a 24-hour concierge, rooftop pool, clubhouse, dedicated greengrocer, resident arts club and fully equipped gym, the residential development at London City Island is an ambitious and striking project.

Our expertise combined with the quality and versatility of our smoke control systems meant Colt was specified to provide smoke extract and climate management in the corridors of two residential blocks at Canada Gardens – the first being 11 floors tall and the second being 23 floors tall. Our designers started working on the London City Island project in 2018 and this project completed in January 2020, coming in on time and within budget.

In addition to needing a smoke extract system for fire safety purposes, Colt was also asked to provide a solution that helped to cope with overheating in corridors from added heat generated by the services (hot water, piping, etc.) going in and out of the apartment buildings. Our ColtShaft Constant Push Pull System is perfectly suited to this application and works very effectively at keeping internal temperatures steady on top of the smoke control function it serves. The ColtShaft Constant Push Pull system works through pulling in a constant supply of fresh air from the outside through a smoke shaft situated on the side of the corridor. It then simultaneously removes any stagnant, warm air by pulling it out of another smoke shaft at the other side of the corridor. This constant replacement of fresh air/removal of ‘used’ air provides an effective climate control solution without having to treat or ‘cool’ the air to achieve an ambient temperature in the corridors.

For smoke control purposes, the Coltshaft Constant systems work in conjunction with the Push Pull Systems at London City Island. The ColtShaft Constant systems were installed in the building’s stairwells and have a vent at the top of the stairs; when there is a fire, the fans in the system will ramp up on the floor where the fire is taking place. The smoke control system will then pull the corridor door open from the stairwell and pull fresh air from top of the stairs so there is a fresh air path, meaning the smoke can’t go into the stairwell (with fresh air from the stairwell constantly pushing it back). The fresh air which comes in through the stairwell vent then also pushes the smoke towards the smoke shafts in the corridor where the fire is happening, keeping it in one area in the building. The smoke shafts on the fire-floor corridor then carries the smoke up through the building and out of the roof. This keeps the escape routes in the stairwell free from smoke for any occupants fleeing from other areas in the building.

  • Project:
    • London City Island
  • Location:
    • London
  • Client:
    • Cilantro
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  • M&E Contractor:
    • Cilantro
  • Colt products:
    • ColtShaft Constant system
    • ColtShaft Constant Push Pull System