Building types and systems

Colt are experts in servicing smoke and climate control systems and products.

Below, you can see examples of the system and product types that we service on a regular basis, and in which types of buildings we generally operate. However there are many other options not shown here for which we can provide maintenance.

If you are unsure of whether we can help, use our photo uploader (accessible via the home page) and send us a photo of your product or system. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our suggestion.

More customers and projects than anyone else in the UK

With thousands of current customers across the UK, we are the UK’s most trusted provider of smoke control maintenance and service. With specialist experience in all building types from commercial, residential, retail, industrial and car parks to prisons and more, we help to keep countless buildings, businesses and people safe. We can do the same for you.

Building types we maintain and service

Below, you can see examples of the types of buildings we generally service. However, there are many other options not shown here for which we can provide maintenance.


Atria building type
  • Westquay, Southampton
  • Oracle, Reading
  • 50 Mark Lane, London

Car park

Atria building type
  • One Hyde Park
  • B4 Parking
  • Royal National Theatre


Atria building type
  • G4S Care and Justice Services
  • H M Prison la Moye
  • Scottish Prison Service


Atria building type
  • Barratt Residential
  • Integral UK
  • Pinnacle PSG Ltd


Retail building type
  • Tesco Maintenance
  • IKEA Ltd
  • The Bullring, Birmingham

Tall/deep buildings

Tall/deep building type
  • Costco Wholesale UK
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Wales Millennium Centre


Warehouses building type
  • Loreal, Coventry

Commercial offices

Warehouses building type
  • CBRE Managed Services
  • Nationwide Building Society

Systems we service

Colt service and repair all manufacturer’s smoke ventilation and smoke extraction systems, not just our own.

These can be a traditional pneumatic or electrically operated louvred ventilators, chain operated AOV windows, smoke shaft systems and extended corridor extract systems.

This is not to be confused with weekly function tests carried out by fire alarm companies.

Colt also service pressurisation stairwells, car park smoke and heat extract systems along with CO2 sensor systems.

We also maintain mechanical / electrical smoke and fire dampers, as well as smoke and fire curtains.

Externally, we maintain external architectural solutions, brise-soleil, plant room louvre and external solar shading.

Helping our customers save £millions

We have seen many cases of poorly trained or untrustworthy smoke vent servicing providers taking advantage of their customers over the years. Seek a second opinion from us to avoid the possibility of being significantly misquoted.

Benefits of a service contract with Colt

Colt has the most comprehensive service contract on the market. We pioneered the science of smoke control in the 1930’s and so our knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

Damper maintenance from Colt

Streamline your smoke control and damper maintenance management with Colt. We can eliminate the need for secondary contractors and call-out charges with a combined servicing package.

Solar Panel Maintenance

It is important to stay on top of solar panel maintenance and repair tasks to ensure they stay as effective as possible in reducing your energy costs. Learn more about how Colt can help.