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 Colt Service & maintenance: case studies

Over the years, Colt’s service and maintenance engineers have worked with a wide array of companies in all sorts of industries, ranging from local businesses to some of the largest in the world. Have a look at some of our brief case studies below to find out more about the type of work we do for our customers.    

Building name: The Bullring, Selfridges
Client: ISG
Location: Birmingham

When the prestigious Selfridges shop in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre needed a smoke curtain fitted, Colt’s team carried out the installation.

Building: NEC Arena
Client: CBRE
Location: Birmingham

We installed replacement control modules and actuators within the halls and atrium at the NEC in Birmingham.

Building: Wincanton Logistics warehouse
Client: Wincanton Logistics Ltd.
Location: Corby

Wincanton logistics needed 28 cylinders and fittings replaced and 18 top cowl shutters replaced at their warehouse in Corby.

Building: Smurfit Kappa warehouse
Client: Smurfit Kappa UK Ltd.
Location: Peterborough

Smurfit Kappa called on Colt’s maintenance team to replace their 25 year old control panel.

Building: HMP Littlehey
Client: AP Team
Location: Peterborough

HMP Littlehey were in need of some replacement natural ventilators on their workshop roof. Colt installed 47 new seefire vents for the building.

Building: Tesco store, Plymouth
Client: Tesco
Location: Plymouth

Tesco in Plymouth called on Colt to replace some cylinders for non-Colt ventilators. We were happy to oblige.

Building: Jaguar Land Rover showroom
Client: Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
Location: Birmingham

We replaced 130 batteries for the Colt OPV MK1 Seefire vents that we installed at the Jaguar Land Rover showroom, so the control panels were back to working order.

Building: HMP Chelmsford
Client: AP Team
Location: Chelmsford

Colt supplied and installed 2 new extract control panels for the prison’s A&D wing.

Building: Manchester Royal Infirmary
Client: Engie FM
Location: Manchester

We replaced the existing chaindriver actuators operating 28 of the windows, crucial to patient comfort.

Building: Asda Clapham
Client: Yorkshire Building Services
Location: London

At Asda, we supplied new wiring and containment to link up the fireman’s override panel with various smoke and slave panels.

Building: McLaren Technology Centre
Client: Spie Ltd.
Location: Guildford

After a routine service visit to the McLaren Technology Centre, our engineers identified the need for replacement control modules, actuators and batteries for the ventilators.

Building: HMP Altcourse
Client: G4S
Location: Liverpool

Colt’s team replaced 8 old Hydrovane compressors with new twin pump compressors in the prison.

Building: Asda Falkirk
Client: City Facilities
Location: Falkirk

We replaced an existing compressor set with a new semi-duplex compressor for the supermarket.

Building: Tesco, Perth
Client: Tesco
Location: Perth

Colt’s team supplied and replaced 4 of the existing fire curtains for Tesco.

Building: Grays shopping centre
Client: Workman LLP
Location: London

We refurbished the Atrium Pneumatic Kameleon vents, including cylinders, fittings and pipework for the shopping centre.

Building: Edinburgh College
Client: ISS
Location: Edinburgh

Edinburgh college needed control modules, actuators and batteries for the 43 vents on Granton campus.

Building: Bluewater shopping centre
Client: Incentive
Location: London

Colt’s service engineers supplied and installed 12 new Kameleon vents to replace the existing vents in the Bluewater Wintergarden Atrium.

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