Don’t pay twice for your dampers servicing. Call Colt once.

You may already have your smoke control systems maintained by Colt and dampers serviced elsewhere.

Colt can save you money and time. Streamline your smoke control and damper maintenance management, while eliminating the need for secondary contractors and call-out charges. Colt can take care of all your smoke control and damper servicing needs in one package.

Your legal obligations.

Fire and smoke control dampers play a very important role in a building’s fire safety system and under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the legal duty of ‘The Responsible Person’ to oversee their maintenance and testing. It is imperative that your dampers are maintained properly by a competent company.

Colt Service. The UK’s most trusted.

Colt pioneered smoke control in the 1930’s and has over 80 years of servicing experience. This experience, combined with a comprehensive, ongoing training programme means that Colt engineers truly are the best in the country. The strict set of guidelines they work to means you can rest assured that your system will be 100% safe and operational.

One call is all it takes to find out more.

Contact Colt now for all your smoke control and dampers servicing requirements. As the industry’s leading experts for over 70 years, we service all smoke control systems, not just our own.