Could your business survive a major warehouse fire?

If you're not sure, we can help

The recent fire at Ocado’s Andover warehouse is the latest reminder of the massively damaging effects fire and smoke can have on a business.

Statistically, more than 40% of businesses do not survive a major blaze. Having properly working smoke control systems can dramatically reduce the likelihood of losing your facility entirely. However, many building operators often place more emphasis on maintaining fire alarm panels and sprinkler systems than looking after or installing smoke control systems in their buildings. Commonly, this is because of the perceived complexity of the systems. Sometimes this can be because a building has been handed over to new management and no service information has passed over with it.

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, the outcome of such negligence can be disastrous. Make sure you are covered by getting your systems checked and maintained by our experts. We service both Colt-produced systems and those of other manufacturers.

They are essential to limiting loss of life and damage to buildings

Smoke Control systems provide clear escape and access routes to occupants and fire brigades.

It is your legal obligation

Smoke Control equipment is considered life-safety equipment and it is recommended that systems be serviced annually.

We can help! Our highly experienced team can do a survey, advise you and service all your smoke control systems to put your mind at ease.

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