10 reasons to choose a Colt Smoke Control Servicing contract:

  1. Our engineers are highly experienced and highly trained. And, where possible, we try to assign the same engineer to your site.

  2. We offer true nationwide coverage. We have engineers stationed in all parts of the UK.

  3. Our average response time is 18 hours and in an emergency we aim to be with you in 4 hours.

  4. We operate a 24 hour, seven days a week call-out facility.

  5. We tailor our service packages to your building.

  6. We will arrange a programme of preventative maintenance, to keep your equipment working well and meet the requirements of the RRO. Find out more.

  7. We have a spare parts service that is both quick and efficient. Find out more.

  8. No matter who manufactured your system we can maintain and repair it.

  9. We can carry out environmental surveys to help you cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Find out more.

  10. We provide design support, should you wish to make alterations to your building or its function. Find out more.

It all boils down to the fact that Colt has the most comprehensive service contract on the market. We pioneered the science of smoke control back in the 1950’s so our knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

Your legal obligations as a building operator

The RRO requires that life safety systems be “maintained by a competent person who is familiar with the fire engineering performance specifications of that specific system”.

Smoke ventilation spare parts

Need smoke control system spare parts fast? We’ve got you covered, no matter where you are. Talk to our friendly team of experts today and take advantage of the emergency call out and spares service available to all our customers.

What our customers say

We are proud to have a 94% positive customer satisfaction feedback record which we strive to improve upon each day. Find out how we help our customers stay compliant and save money.