We always thought we should lead. Always have done. Still do

Since 1931, Colt has been leading the way in smoke control technology and regulation and we’re still doing it now

The new certifications, which have been provided by IFC, have been awarded in recognition of Colt’s skill as an installer and servicer of both smoke control systems and fire curtains.

SDI 19, which is mandatory for all smoke control installations, aims to ensure that installers are competent in areas such as fire strategy, scheme design and installation.

SDI 05 demands the same levels of competency in regards to the installation, commissioning and servicing of active and fixed barriers for fire and smoke control.

“This certification scheme will ensure quality and competency, affording the end user confidence that their safety critical system is fit for purpose. Certified contractors will have clearly demonstrated that their trained staff consistently adhere to industry best practice and fully appreciate the importance of correct installation, inspection and maintenance.”
SCA Chairman


Choose the best. Choose Colt

...because of our competency

Colt is in the thick of it when it comes to competency, however that might be defined in the future.

...because of our accreditations

Colt is widely recognised by both industry and regulatory bodies as one of the most qualified smoke control authorities in the country.

...because of our expertise

Because the systems our Contracting division designs and builds are the most groundbreaking, innovative and complex around, our knowledge is deep and unparalleled.

...because of our nationwide coverage

We’ve got more highly qualified maintenance engineers, stationed in more locations up and down the country, than anyone else. This means that our coverage is truly nationwide, not patchy like some.

Choose a Colt Service Contract

Your legal obligations

Building occupiers have a legal duty to carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment by a company you can trust. Colt is just such a company.

Confused about your obligations

Are you unsure about your obligations with regard to smoke control? Do you know when your system was last checked? If you’re worried that you could be responsible in the event of a fire, get in touch with a competent company who has more knowledge and experience than anyone else.
Colt is just such a company..