Are your smoke control systems properly
 installed and maintained?

If you're not sure, we can help

How properly working smoke control systems help save lives and buildings:

  • By venting smoke from the building, the occupants can see the fire exits more easily, making escape routes more effective.
  • By venting smoke form the building, fire fighters have an easier job of locating the fire early on and extinguishing it, thereby containing and eliminating it faster.
  • By venting heat from the building the number of sprinkler heads that operate are focused directly over the fire rather than over a wide expanse – reserving the precious water supply for the sprinklers directly above the fire.
  • By venting heat from the building, the high level temperatures are reduced – retaining the structural integrity of the steelwork for longer, potentially avoiding complete building collapse.

Maintaining smoke control systems – your legal obligations

Smoke control equipment is considered life-safety equipment and it is recommended that systems be serviced annually.

We can help! Our highly experienced team can do a survey, advise you and service all your smoke control systems to put your mind at ease.

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