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 Smoke is different to fire. That’s why you need specialist smoke control maintenance.

Building services maintenance:

Fire grabs more headlines, but it’s the smoke that’s the real killer; in fact, it kills twice as many people as fire each year. As crucial life safety systems, smoke ventilation products need to be carefully designed, installed and commissioned by fully competent experts. They also need to be regularly maintained by equally competent people who have third party accreditation.

All too often, smoke control maintenance is lumped in with fire alarms and security and is then sub-contracted out to ‘smoke vent’ or ‘AOV’ operatives. Unfortunately (and dangerously), not all these companies are fully accredited or certified to be doing maintenance on systems as complex as smoke control.

A smoke test is no substitute for a proper service. If your current servicer is not conducting full motor resistance and load tests, checking battery charge rates and identifying cause and effect of any failures, then your system is not being tested under conditions it would encounter in a real-life fire.

Colt carries out thorough, notarised testing on all the systems we maintain and our engineers receive full technical training on all system types when they join our team.

Do not risk finding out the hard way that your system has not been properly installed or maintained.

Are your smoke control systems properly installed and maintained?

A smoke test is no substitute for a proper service and competency is crucial when it comes to smoke control maintenance. If you are not sure that your service provider is doing enough to ensure the safety of your building, find out more about what a thorough smoke control maintenance visit should include.

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