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Who we work with

With over 2,750 current customers across the UK, we are the UK’s most trusted provider of smoke control maintenance and service. With specialist experience in all building types from commercial, residential, retail, industrial and car parks to prisons and more, we help to keep countless buildings, businesses and people safe. We can do the same for you.

Helping our customers save £millions. That’s why you can trust Colt.

Over the years, Colt’s trusted experience and expertise has helped countless customers avoid overpaying £millions for repairs or replacements they never actually needed.

Building types we commonly service

Below, you can see examples of the types of buildings we generally service. However there are many other options not shown here for which we can provide maintenance.



West Quay Southampton
Oracle Reading
50 Mark Lane London
Car parks

Car parks

One Hyde Park
B4 Parking
Royal National Theatre
Commercial Offices

Commercial offices

CBRE Managed Services
Nationwide Building Society


G4S Care and Justice Services
H M Prison la Moye
Scottish Prison Service


Barratt Residential
Integral UK
Pinnacle PSG Ltd


Tesco Maintenance
The Bullring, Birmingham
Tall or deep

Tall/deep buildings

Costco Wholesale UK
Nottingham City Council
Wales Millennium Centre
Many more...

Many more...

Oxford University
Hilton Hotels
Jaguar Land Rover

Systems we service

Colt service and repair all manufacturers smoke ventilation and smoke extraction systems.

This can be a traditional pneumatic or electrically operated louvred ventilators, chain operated AOV windows, smoke shaft systems and extended corridor extract systems.

This is not to be confused with weekly function tests carried out by fire alarm companies.

Colt also service pressurisation stairwells, car park smoke and heat extract systems along with CO2 sensor systems.

We also maintain mechanical / electrical smoke and fire dampers, as well as smoke and fire curtains.

Externally, we maintain external architectural solutions, brise-soleil, plant room louvre and external solar shading.

Spare Parts

Colt has a large spare parts department with many factory manufacturing replacement parts available to be purchased individually. Some items will require specialist tooling and software.

Talk to our team today about your requirements.

What our customers say

We are proud to have a 94% positive customer satisfaction feedback record which we strive to improve upon each day. Based on KPIs from our large, multi-national customers that measure delivery, responsiveness and availability, we are currently scoring 85/100 on average.

Want to know more about how we can help your building stay safe and legal?

Not sure if your systems need a service? We can tell you, for free.

Always looking out for your best interests.

Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where poorly trained or untrustworthy smoke vent servicing providers have taken advantage of their customers’ understandably ‘better safe than sorry’ approach when it comes to maintaining their systems.

Often, when seeking a second opinion from us, customers have been shocked to find they have been mis-quoted by tens of £thousands – we fear this will only get worse post-Grenfell.

View some examples of how we have helped our customers save money.

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