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 Colt Smoke Control building types: Car Parks

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Ventilation systems for car parks, loading bays and service areas are needed to achieve two objectives.

Day-to-day ventilation is needed to control build up of vehicle exhaust fumes or spilled fuel when the facility is in general use. Acceptable day-to-day air quality is maintained by removing exhaust gases produced by vehicles and by ensuring that there are no pockets of stagnant air.

Smoke ventilation is needed to provide a means of clearing smoke from the car park during and after a fire. This will limit smoke temperatures and structural damage and inhibit smoke spread between floors.

Smoke ventilation systems may be designed in addition to provide clear smoke-free access for fire fighters to tackle the seat of the fire or to protect means of escape from the car park. These systems are more complex and exceed the requirements of the Building Regulations. They are generally used as compensating features when other requirements of the regulations are not met.

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