Expert project management for stress-free smoke control system installation

The Colt smoke control project delivery team

Colt’s smoke control team is one of the best in the world. All our project managers, site managers and commissioning engineers have the qualifications, technical knowledge, resources and experience to provide you with a stress-free experience, from installation through to commissioning. As a vertically integrated company involved in not only the management and installation of smoke control projects, but also the design and production of systems and products, our lead times are more reliable, because we manage the supply chain from manufacture through to installation and service. We deliver the entire project without needing to joint venture with other companies, saving you time, money and resource. Our smoke control systems and products can be tested in our own project-testing laboratory in order to identify problems before they arise.

Our operations division has over 40 people, including 16 project managers, six site managers, eight commissioning specialists and five more in QHSE. All have the relevant H&S qualifications that identifies that they are SMSTS or SSSTS qualified. Many of our staff have taken CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) and APM (Association of Project Managers) qualifications to be able to deliver world class project management.

We have strong and long-established relationships with a select group of carefully chosen installation sub-contractors who are well versed in our values and understand the importance of the six key objectives. We follow the same approach to our installation teams as for our own project managers, site managers and commissioning engineers.

As well as exceptional training, all the necessary qualifications and the latest management technology to deal with the installation and project management, the Colt team has something that other teams don’t – the benefit of over 70 years of experience. We can predict problems before they happen and we have the skills to guide your project around obstacles before they become a problem, keeping you informed at each stage of the process. This is one reason why we have the widest range of successfully completed smoke projects in our fields.

Programming of work

We work closely with our clients’ project team, using industry leading software. This enables us to develop accurate schedules, to manage onsite progress, monitoring and reporting and to ensure that all aspects of the project are planned and managed optimally. We place high value on excellence in communications with the customer: we report, review and adapt the plan, always taking the lead on change options through professional project management.

The Colt six-part plan for successful project delivery

Our success is based on our ability to excel in six key areas:

  1. Safety.
  2. Quality.
  3. On time.
  4. To the contract.
  5. Within budget.
  6. A regional approach.

Colt Commissioning. Because anything less is risky

It is crucial to carry out correct commissioning with ample time allowed for it. Yet there are many companies who would have you believe that commissioning smoke control systems involves turning them on and off again, then handing everything over to the building managers. Typically, other companies do not employ commissioning staff directly, but sub them in only when needed. Commissioning is an absolutely critical part of the process for life safety systems; we uniquely have the resources and expertise to do this properly.

All our commissioning engineers are SSTS qualified. Our Commissioning staff also are involved earlier in the process, to ensure that all the prerequisite stages have been properly completed. Colt complies fully with BS7346-8, the one piece of smoke control legislation that is specific to the commissioning process. The first stage, Commissioning and Verification, involves thorough Static Testing, Functionality and Cause & Effect and Performance testing. The final stage is the System Acceptance, which covers Witness Testing, Demonstration and Sign-off and Client Training. This last item provides a handover pack, testing instructions, staff occupant training and a logbook.

The Colt six-part plan for successful project delivery

Our success is based on our ability to excel in the following six key areas:

  1. Workplace Safety

    We will never compromise on safety. We recognise that our on-site activities are often either high risk or in a high risk environment. Operations Operatives will have appropriate training and awareness to ensure our activities are always carried out safely before any other objective. All our on-site personnel have received comprehensive H&S training and awareness from our in-house H&S team. Our project/site managers are Site Management Safety Training Scheme qualified and commissioning engineers are Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme qualified. Read about our H&S awards and accreditations.

  2. Quality

    We ensure that we provide the highest possible standard of service throughout the delivery phase. Our supplied equipment will always be fit for the purpose for which it was originally intended. We aim for excellence in procurement. We carry out regular quality checks and seek to obtain products that are quality assured, as are all the products that are made in our own factory. We have our own in -house testing laboratory, where systems and products can be tested in order to identify problems before they arise. Download our quality assurance certificate.

  3. On time

    We use the latest planning and programming tools to help us plan, agree and, through regular review and adaptation of our plans, meet all deliverables including our clients’ key milestone dates.

  4. To the contract

    We will ensure that we fully understand the contractual requirements at the earliest possible stage. Whilst avoiding “scope creep”, we will ensure that all deliverable requirements will be met.

  5. Within budget

    At the pre-order stage we can assist with accurate cost estimation. We advise the client on all aspects of the specialist element from conception, planning, design, installation, commissioning and client training through to ongoing system life time maintenance and servicing. Having secured the above four key objectives, we will also be able to deliver the project according to the client’s budget.

  6. A regional approach

    We recognise the importance of having a regional presence both to support the achievement of the above objectives and for speed of response. Our regional staff make it possible for us to carry out site surveys prior to the contact period if this is required. In addition to the manufacturing hub in Havant, we have regional hubs in Manchester and Glasgow which, with our Head Office in Petersfield, gives us whole team capability across the country.