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ColtShaft mechanical shaft system

ColtShaft mechanical shaft system

ColtShaft is an active fan smoke extraction system that largely frees designers from constraints imposed by the need for fire-fighting cores.

Colt Extended Corridor system

Colt Extended Corridor system

The Extended Corridor System is an active fan smoke extraction system that can increase the let-able or saleable space in a building.

Colt Pressurisation Systems

Colt Pressurisation Systems

Pressurisation systems can be designed to keep fire fighting shafts clear of smoke and can also be applied to staircases as a means of escape. 



CoolShaft is a combined smoke and day-to-day shaft system that uses evaporative cooling technology to cool incoming air.

Doorman smoke shaft door operator

Doorman smoke shaft door operator

Doorman is an electromechanical door release operator, designed to provide a safe and reliable actuation system.

Defender F motorised smoke shaft ventilator

Defender F motorised ventilator

Defender is a fire rated motorised ventilator that controls the movement of smoke in a staircase or corridor without walls.

Mechanical extract systems

Mechanical extract systems

Mechanical Extract Systems are for the extraction of smoke and hot gases in a fire. This particular system is for heavy usage.

Liberator powered ventilator

Liberator powered ventilator

For the mechanical extraction of smoke and hot gases in a fire and is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings.

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