Colt Louvre & shading: design support for your project

How 3UL Works Diagram

Colt has manufactured and installed louvres and solar shading for some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings and projects. With our expertise and experience, we are able to design systems and solutions that are bespoke to your needs. We understand how important a building’s façade is, not only in terms of aesthetic impact, but also for the occupants within – daylight and ventilation are some of the key aspects that create a comfortable and healthy interior for a building’s end users.

Colt can offer you support at each stage of your project and help you to achieve the desired effect. Get started by learning more about Understanding Louvre systems.

In addition, Colt also offers a wide range of other support services.

Louvre selection program

Download our Excel sheet which enables users to make their own selection of Colt louvre systems based on the weathering classification and aerodynamic performance required for the system.

Download Louvre Selection program