Colt Louvre. Expert system design since the 1970’s

For decades, Colt has been helping architects and building managers install innovative and efficient ventilation and solar shading louvres for use on all kinds of buildings.

Our Universal Louvre, which offered more material choice and creative opportunities for architects won a Design Council award way back in 1975 and in the 1980’s we released a range of ventilation louvres that perfectly complemented these, whilst improving energy efficiency.

In 1993 we launched Shadovoltaic. Unpronounceable, perhaps, but also highly efficient. In one product it brought together solar shading, day lighting and electricity generating for facades and roofs.

Then in 2007 Bomin Solar GmbH, a German company, joined the Colt family, adding their day lighting experience to our already impressive expertise.

All of this adds up to a lot of knowledge and ability in the people we employ – and we have more of them than any of our competitors.

We have over 20 project managers. That’s more than anyone else.

We have over 45 maintenance engineers. That’s also more than anyone else and means that we will cover call-outs anywhere in Britain within 24 hours.

Many of these people have been with us for a decade or three, bringing with them not only their knowledge but also the wisdom of their years.

Ventilation and screening louvre systems

Whether you need a Louvre system for Commercial or Industrial use for ventilation, screening or aesthetic purposes, Colt’s experts can design you a system with the right blade pitch and aesthetics to suit your needs.

A wide range of projects and applications

Colt has designed, manufactured and installed commercial and bespoke louvres in some of the world’s major cities, and is trusted by Architects to deliver their signature projects. Have a look at our stunning completed projects.

In-house project management skills

Our engineers and project managers are on hand to deal with all your installation and commissioning needs, so you can rest assured your system will keep your staff, stock and equipment comfortable and safe.