Colt Louvre: Screening & ventilation louvre systems

1UL Universal Louvre installed at Evilinas Hospital

Building Ventilation and screening whilst maintaining rain defence

Louvre panel systems are popular with building designers for many applications in industrial and commercial buildings. Their purpose can be to control light entry, to provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, to provide screening, or a combination of these. Louvres can also be provided simply for aesthetic impact.

The Colt standard louvre panel ranges

Colt Universal Louvre - roll-formed single (1UL), double (2UL) or triple (3UL) bank system.

Other louvre ranges

Colt louvre systems are highly adaptable. They are available in various configurations, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project.

Colt louvres can be uniquely configured to provide the solution to your needs.

With Colt louvre systems, the possibilities are endless.

For all products, a large selection of optional accessories is available, such as mitred corners, special shapes or louvre doors. If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.

Features and benefits of Colt louvre systems

  • Colt louvre systems have a distinctive sharp louvre profile
  • Colt louvre systems are both aerodynamically efficient and have a remarkably high resistance to weather
  • All Colt louvre panel systems have been tested to HEVAC 4th Edition.

Understanding louvre systems

Specifying louvre systems is always a compromise, and requires some judgement to take into account the particular needs of each application.

Louvre selection program

We have developed an Excel sheet which enables users to make their own selection of Colt louvre systems based on the weathering classification and aerodynamic performance required for the system.