Good ventilation in your building improves productivity and cuts costs

Research suggests that getting the right indoor climate improves productivity and reduces accidents and absenteeism improving the output and so profits of your business.

Colt's climate control experts focus on improving the indoor climate to make your staff more efficient and your process run smoother. Installing an efficient factory ventilation system will improve indoor air quality and comfort without excessive energy use.

The Colt Survey

If your building is too hot or too cold, if your process gives off fume or moisture, if your product requires specific conditions during its manufacture or storage, or if noise is a concern, then we may be able to help you.

We can survey your building using a range of techniques and equipment to identify your problem. Once established, we can then recommend a solution based on proven design work.

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Getting the right temperature is key in achieving a comfortable working environment for your staff. As part of a survey, we will asses the temperature of the building, as well as look specific machinery heat loads.

Our tools include thermal imaging cameras which allow us to identify exactly where the source of the heat is and assess its impact on neighbouring machinery or equipment.  They can also be useful, in winter, to establish where heat is lost from the building.


Often overlooked, ensuring a good source of supply air is critical to an effective ventilation system.  Failure to design this properly can lead to insufficient fresh air being supplied to the building resulting in poor air quality, higher temperatures, dust, and if your factory has a combustion process, a build-up of carbon monoxide.

If your factory has no ventilation system, we can measure elements such as droughts, air currents and distribution velocity to gauge how this would affect any proposed ventilation system. Where your factory has an existing ventilation system, we can evaluate it's performance and suggested upgrades as necessary.


Depending on where your factory is located, you may have to adhere to strict noise restrictions so as not to affect the outside environment. Where your staff are concerned, you will also need to keep to HSE guildlines on levels of noise exposure.

Where noise is an issue we can carry out an acoustic survey that will provide the basis of a solution which will not impact your staff or your neighbours. Our engineers look not only at the noise produced by any new ventilation equipment proposed but also whether noisy processes within the building will ‘break out’ in to the environment or if you are near roads, railways or airports unwanted noise could ‘break in’.

If you think your building is suffering from any of these issues, contact us now.

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Design and validation

Once we have carried out the survey, we will go away and create a summary of your building's current performance. With this as a basis, we can then design and propose a new ventilation system to combat any issues identified.

We have in-house CFD design tools that enable us not only to design a new ventilation system for your factory, but also to validate the design by running various simulations. Learn more.

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