Design and technical support from Colt

At Colt, we scale across multiple markets, which means we have the staff and expertise to develop tailor made systems integrating climate control, natural ventilation, solar shading and smoke ventilation. Our systems can help you unlock your building’s potential for energy efficiency, ensure fire safety and create architectural impact.

Below are some of the ways Colt in which supports its customers throughout their projects.

Design advice and problem solving

Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of technologies and techniques across a wide spectrum. We have the experience to advise architects and consultants on the best combination of products and systems to achieve the desired effect and performance. Talk to us about your specific requirements.

Simulations and calculations

To assist with designing effective design conditions, we use in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other design tools to simulate airflows and heat transfer within buildings. This knowledge enables us to design tailor-made concepts fully suited to every specific situation.

On solar shading projects, Colt experts can provide calculations of sun angles and heat loads to ensure the building's best performance. Contact us to talk about how we can assist you with your project.

Designing energy efficiency into a building

We can help designers to incorporate energy efficiency into a building, developing solutions that integrate natural ventilation, natural lighting and shading systems that use one design and control system.

Using the unique Colt Piatra software, we can predict how much energy a building will consume and how much carbon it will produce when different types of ventilation, heating, cooling and shading equipment are installed.

Surveys and advice for successful refurbishing projects

When a building is refurbished, Colt is able to unlock considerable potential for improvements in energy performance, fire safety and appearance. Colt experts can carry out detailed surveys to identify the necessary adaptations and upgrades to optimise the system's effectiveness and performance.Colt offers building surveys for smoke control and climate control systems.

Computational fluid dynamics

Advanced technology to create safe and healthy building

CFD Case Studies

A selection of Colt projects where CFD has been used in the design of the system.