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 Colt Smoke Control: Expertise built on proven experience

Colt pioneered the science of smoke control in 1954 and has been leading the field ever since. Since then, we have designed, manufactured and serviced smoke control systems and products all over the world. We have unrivalled experience in the field.

Colt has the widest range of completed smoke control projects and the largest range of certified products of anyone in the field. Colt is involved in the full lifecycle of a project from design and production through to installation and servicing. Whether it’s a new building or a refurbishment project, Colt understands the entire process and has a reputation of commitment to completing all our projects, no matter how big, small or challenging. Being a long established and financially secure company helps us give our customers peace of mind. As a Colt customer, you can rest assured – we will not walk away. 

Our experience, reputation and size means we have attracted the best people in the field, so we can offer our customers the most advanced and cost effective solutions to suit both their legal and project requirements. We have more design people, more technical people and more project management people than any of our competitors.

Below is an overview of the smoke control systems that Colt offers, as well as design support, and more information on why Colt has the experience and expertise to design and install a system for your project. For a more detailed understanding of our systems and to talk to us about your specific system requirements, contact us.

Colt smoke control systems

Our smoke control systems include powered and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, smoke containment, car park ventilation, shaft ventilation and pressurisation systems.

Colt people: the experts

Our training, development and best-practice sharing means that Colt has more knowledgeable sales people who understand your business and can solve it’s unique problems. Find out more about what makes Colt’s staff the most trusted.

The widest range of successfully completed smoke control projects

With over 60 years worth of experience in smoke control, it’s no wonder Colt have completed the widest range of smoke control projects in the field. 

In-house technical and project management skills

Our vastly experienced project management and technical teams have the skills and resources to see every design through to its successful completion. 

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