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 Colt Louvre: Experts in screening and ventilation louvre

Colt has been manufacturing and installing external solutions for almost two decades. We are experts in screening and ventilation louvre and screening whilst maintaining rain defence.


Whether you need a Louvre system for Commercial or Industrial use for ventilation, screening or aestheic purposes, Colt’s experts can design you a system to suit your needs.

Colt People: the experts

Our training, development and best-practice sharing means that Colt has more knowledgeable sales people who understand your business and can solve it’s unique problems.

A wide range of commercial and bespoke projects

Colt has designed, manufactured and installed Louvre solutions in some of the world’s major cities, and is trusted by Architects to deliver their signature projects. Have a look at our stunning completed projects.

In-house project management and technical skills

Our engineers and project managers are on hand to deal with all your installation and commissioning needs, so you can rest assured your system is working and safe.

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