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Colt People: the best people for the job

What is it that has made Colt such a successful company with a reputation for innovation, commitment and great ability? Simply put, its Colt People.

Colt is its People and, as such, we take great care in hiring people in whom we see qualities such as curiosity, tenacity and attentiveness. Once we’ve found them, we spend a lot of time fostering and nurturing their natural talents through the use of our existing expertise, until their talents become their own set of expert skills.

We encourage a collaborative working environment and foster innovative thinking, meaning past experience is shared not only in our project debriefs, but also every day in the office. This gives our newer employees access to over 85 years worth of experience and knowledge, placing our staff way ahead of those of our competitors.

This approach has led to some remarkable results, and we’re proud to say that our customers can expect the following when working with Colt’s team of experts:

  • Thought leaders who are passionate about what they do. Our staff love their jobs and will go the extra mile to find the best solutions for your project.

    Two of our chartered engineers sit on eight regulatory committees, including British Standards and European Construction Product Regulations and are routinely involved in updating legislation. So when we say our staff are thought leaders, we really mean it!

  • Expertly trained, thoughtful and friendly staff who understand the importance of building trust and relationships with customers. Our staff will always have your best interests at heart and are able to understand your unique situation.

  • Access to a vast amount of product and system knowledge. As a company that scales across many markets, Colt’s technical advisors are fully equipped with all the system and product knowledge they need to design a system that suits your needs and budget.

  • A committed team. We won’t walk away. Once we start working on a project, we never walk away from problems, so you can count on us being there until the end.

  • Experience. Colt’s success is built on the experience of our staff – and we have buckets full of it! As a Colt customer you get unlimited access to the knowledge that experience has taught us.

  • Peace of mind. All our designers, engineers, technical advisors and project managers are highly qualified and hold all the necessary accreditations and memberships to take full responsibility for the health and safety of the systems and products we manufacture and install.

Colt careers

The Colt team is a diverse one. From engineering through to customer service we are always looking for ambitious new staff to add to our reputation of experience and expertise. View our latest vacancies to become part of the Colt team.

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