CPD presentation: Smoke and environmental ventilation of multi-storey buildings using shafts

The presentation will cover the prevailing legislation and guidelines for various types of buildings, including:

1) Prescriptive staircase requirements for fire-fighting and means of escape in residential buildings

  • Ventilation of fire fighting stairs
  • Natural ventilation to BS 9999
  • Natural shafts to BS 9999
  • BRE Shafts to BS 9999
  • Mechanical shafts as an alternative solution

2) Ventilation of common corridors in residential buildings:

  • Natural ventilation to ADB 2020/BS 9991
  • Natural Shafts to ADB 2020/BS 9991
  • Pressurization/ mechanical ventilation

3) Extended travel distances in common corridors using mechanical shafts.


This presentation is available as a seminar which can be held at your offices at a time to suit you. Usually this is over lunchtime. Each seminar normally lasts around one hour.

Attendees are provided with full supporting documentation and Certificates of Attendance are awarded on completion of the seminar.

To book a seminar at your office, please contact us.

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